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"Captain Syndrome"   

Welcome AMERICAN PLANET & to the future of American Girl fashion! 

I have a passion for the 3 "Rs": Recycle, Rescue, & Reinvent.  I grew up in a home with lots of love, but not a lot of money.  Living in an upscale community, the kids I went to school with looked like they stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine.  Using the money I earned from babysitting jobs, I put together outfits from separates that I would find in bargain store bins and on thrift store shelves.  Yes, I looked different than the other girls, and that was okay.  I wasn't simply wearing clothes, I was expressing myself creatively.  What a gift!

My grandmother taught me to sew.  She loved to up-cycle, long before up-cycling was cool.  She excelled at the art of handiwork.  Using scraps of fabrics, she created gifts of quilted boxes, embroidered tablecloths, and decorative pillows.  Whenever I create something by hand, I feel a special connection.  Her spirit is with me.

Kindly fast forward...married with three kids, my daughter receives an "American Girl Doll" for her birthday.

I started sewing dresses for her doll using textiles leftover from other craft projects. These doll dresses became so popular, that I soon started receiving requests to make doll clothes for friends & family. Now that my kids are having babies of their own, I am taking my passion for reinventing doll fashion to the next level.  As a small way of giving back, $1 from each sale will be donated to charity.  

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Char Nathanson