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"Captain Syndrome"   


Discover the future of fashion for your "American Girl Doll"

AMERICAN PLANET is the place to find eco-friendly handcrafted clothing for your favorite 18 inch doll (i.e. "American Girl" Doll). 

At AMERICAN PLANET, we have a passion for the 3 "Rs": RECYCLE, RESCUE, and REINVENT!

...RECYCLE: We recycle fabulous fabrics, buttons, and trims when creating our unique designs.

...RESCUE: We rescue discarded quality remnants from fabric store bins.  In fact, even our models are rescued dolls!

...REINVENT: Accessories feature hand worked beading and stitching for a fresh twist on up-cycled pieces.

We are proud to be a "LIBERTY JANE PARTNER", and offer many designs that use "PIXIE FAIRE" patterns   www.pixiefaire.com  

AMERICAN PLANET designs are much more than doll clothes - our designs are doll FASHIONS!  

Thank you for considering garments for your doll that are fabulous, fun and friendly for our planet.  Hug a Doll.  Love the Earth.